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An easy to use intelligent workflow management app for the agent on-the-go.

Seamlessly integrate digital and physical services into a single workflow.

With a growing list of companies offering a mix of physical and digital real estate services, it has become increasingly more difficult to utilize them in a seamless and efficient workflow. At letsbutterfly™ our goal is to remove such burdens while making it easy to use any mix of services in a tightly-integrated workflow. Such an ecosystem helps reduce operational costs for an agent (or broker) while increasing overall efficiency.

With you.
Anywhere. Anytime.

Mobile first.

Our goal is to create a beautiful, simple interface that removes the burden of managing and integrating all your services in a single workflow — one that can be carried with you anywhere and used anytime.

We have built letsbutterfly™ from the ground up as a progressive web-based, mobile first app (or PWA). That means it only needs a modern browser to run on any mobile or laptop device while offering a native experience.

Few taps away.

We want to empower agents to use the right service at the right time with minimal friction. In few taps, services can be added and used within minutes.

However many services you use, letsbutterfly™ manages all the necessary communication and data augmentation while keeping all your home data and assets in one place.

Check out RaaP.io to learn more.

Integrated A.I.

A.I. in the real estate industry can reduce operational costs, improve efficiency, and optimize resources within any workflow when applied correctly.

With letsbutterfly™, A.I. services are too just a few taps away. Better yet, they can be triggered automatically as soon as another service provides the necessary data and assets — without user involvement.

Automation. Made simple.

For example, as soon as your high-quality Stilio photos become available, restb.ai's computer vision service can start tagging and organizing photos by rooms and features, automatically.

Tasks. Easier and faster.

Additionally, an agent can use photos snapped during a walkthrough to extract features that later can be used to market the home.


Give your workflow an upgrade.

Our goal is to work with real estate technology companies and vendors to integrate their services into letsbutterfly™ for a seamless and beautiful workflow experience. With a highly integrated ecosystem, agents can maximize their efficiency with the best mix of digital and physical services suited to their needs. We continue to work with many companies and add more services ranging from transactional, document signing, lead generation, and even selling on the blockchain.

If you have a service that can add value to an agent or a broker as part of a workflow, letstalk!


Restb.ai publishes use case on letsbutterfly

April 4th, 2018

Restb.ai publishes use case on letsbutterfly

Agents and sellers don’t need to worry anymore. The seller can take an infinite number of photos of the property and upload them to the app. The integrated computer vision technology will automatically tag and classify images in a few microseconds.

RaaP.io logo

February 27th, 2018

letsbutterfly showcases its underpinning platform with a new RaaP.io site.

Behind the scenes, letsbutterfly™ is powered by an in-house built platform that manages all the necessary workflow complexities, integrations, and automation. The new sister site, RaaP.io - Real Estate as a Platform, was created to give more insight into the technology.

INMAN Connect logo

January 23rd, 2018

letsbutterfly joins “New Kids On The Block” pitch at 2018 INMAN Connect in NYC.

letsbutterfly™ had the opportunity to present at INMAN Connect in NYC for a one minute pitch in front of many CEOs, brokers, agents, vendors, investors, and more.

restb.ai logo

January 22nd, 2018

Restb.ai partners with letsbutterfly to disrupt the Real Estate industry by creating a seamless user experience.

Restb.ai partnered with letsbutterfly™ to change the way people interact with real estate portals. This partnership will enable individuals to have a radically new experience when it comes to listing a house for sale.

letsbutterfly and A.I. Vision feature image

January 15th, 2018

letsbutterfly and Computer Vision with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

In our last article we presented our web app (for phase one) to help reduce friction prior to putting a house on the market. Now we are going to look into what recent trends in A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and Deep Learning can bring to the real-estate industry… better yet with letsbutterfly. 😉

RESO logo

October 18th, 2017

letsbutterfly wins “Crowd Favorite” at 2017 RESO® DataComp in San Diego.

Coming out of stealth, letsbutterfly™ attended its first competition at 2017 RESO® DataComp in San Diego showcasing the beautiful app in under seven minutes. Both judges and the crowd loved what they saw awarding it the “Crowd Favorite”! 😊


We are made up of hard-working and passionate individuals continually innovating to help improve the real estate market. We are always looking to add like-minded individuals, so feel free to contact us if you are interested.

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